Financial management

LBMG’s approach to financial management is pro-action.  Tax planning is a very important part of that process.


Tax planning is a continuous process whereby we anticipate client earnings, what they will need to pay as tax payments and how these can be worked out to give the client the most benefit.


Tax planning involves an expert knowledge of the existing tax laws and anticipated tax changes in future years.  Depending how these changes will affect our clients, we make recommendations and structure financial decisions keeping costs to the minimum.


For our non-business management clients, information is gathered quarterly to keep them on track with tax payments and consult with them as required during the year.


Co-ordination of international tax matters


LBMG has professional business partners in other countries who assist us with complex tax issues and with limiting taxation across the globe.  We work with these tax specialists and the international agents to structure contracts that will aid clients whilst working abroad.